Welcome to Play and Grow

Play & Grow Early Learning Centre is a privately operated, 99 place centre which is committed to providing children a platform to build their intellect that would make them great citizens in the future. Our aim is to start early so that the children grow up to be responsible members of the community. 

We emphasise and ensure that our staff adheres to the National Quality Framework (NQF) as well as the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework (VEYLDF) while imparting play based learning to the children.

In accordance with the Australian principles of respecting diverse and indigenous cultures, our staff is well trained to adapt and embrace children from diverse backgrounds. We have a well trained staff to look after children having special needs. Our team provides support and guidance in a very friendly and enjoyable environment. The centre is custom – built with state of the art resources and an ultra-modern kitchen to cater to all needs of the children.

Our staff is well trained to ensure that all of the children’s needs are met and that the children are comfortable in their learning environment. We also ensure that the children are closely monitored in all of their activities which are recorded digitally and as a hard copy where parents have the facility to look at them in their child’s portfolio.

Play & Grow Early Learning Centre will endeavour to provide the children with the basic skills to transition into school through our dedicated and qualified kinder teacher. This process ensures that the child is well and truly prepared to start their schooling career.